Colour group settings apply to both global and local graphs

Absolutely LOVE the colour groups: fantastic solution and a really flexible way of handling it. I also love that the colour groups are saved within a vault across opening/closing the graph view, and changing the workspace as well :+1:

Just one small request: can the colour groups also be used/applied to the local graph please? I’ve already got very used to the colour coding I’ve set up globally in my main vault, and applying the same coding the the local graph works, but it just seems redundant to have to do it twice…


This new feature is simply amazing. I do see the value in being able to set-up a different color if needed in the local graph.

However I do agree that this should be the default behaviour, and overwriting it with a different color could be an additional option.

Thanks for the awesome new feature, the graph looks amazing!


Surely you’d want “green = evergreen notes” (for example) in both places? I wouldn’t want to then use green in the local graph for something else - I’d find it really confusing that green means different things in each graph view.

Can you give me an example where you’d want to do it? I’m really curious :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot

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This is my “working” vault - I started with vault using a pure ZK approach, but found it didn’t work well for me. Hence I created a new vault and I’m in the process of migrating the ZK notes (and a bunch of pre-Obsidian notes as well), and also have daily and project management/todo notes in there.

You can see the colour coding setup on the left (SB are large reference notes on specific topics) - easy setup for me because I have types of notes sorted into folders. I have the same setup on the local graph and I find it excellent for seeing what’s linked to what really easily.

Wow! It’s just as I wanted!! Thank you for sharing!

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I have a suggestion too. Pick a more informative title for this Feature Request :slight_smile:

Oh! My feature request? I think it is quite to the point! Can you suggest something.

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I think s/he means me @Daniyal-Ahmed :smiley: Yes you’re right WhiteNoise, updated it to be a bit more to the point.

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Maybe a button “Copy settings from global graph” in the local graph settings would be a good solution. That would allow to keep them in sync easily, but also to change them, if necessary.


Hi, I’m a beginner so sorry if I am asking a dumb question here.

How did you enable ‘Color groups’? I am not seeing it in my filter pane.

Thanks a lot

It’s a feature from the next update.

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Agree with this! Ability to save and load graph settings (presets?) will be neat also.

Besides to this “enhancement” of the group color in local graph, I see a more fundamental issue: the group filter and the corresponding color scheme can not applied to the center node in the local graph.

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As far as having color groups shared between global and local graphs, I managed a workaround by editing the config directly with a few commands: Copy Obsidian global graph colors to local graphs (

edit: updated the guide to include how to sync all graph settings!


bump & +1! I copy graph colors to local graphs with a little python script, but it’s brittle, and doesn’t apply colors to new local graphs. Wanted to share this if it’s helpful, and +1 that this as default behavior would be a great feature improvement.

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I hope this is added soon its easy to delete a local and have to spend 5 mins fixing it

Hi everyone,
Not long ago my plugin for this specific purpose was accepted into Obsidian Community Plugins. I hope it does exactly what you expect of it - there’s just one command for copying your global Color Groups configuration into your current local graph.
The plugin is called “Sync Graph Settings”, here’s the link:

If you have any requests of how to improve this plugin, feel free to add a new issue on github: Issues · Xallt/sync-graph-settings · GitHub


Yes @Xallt it does the trick, perfect, thank you!