Note's Graph node color declared by tags!

Note’s Graph node color declared by tags!

I don’t know if it is possible but it could be a great addition to Obsidian:
The idea is that we could just put a tag of the colour name (you want the note’s node to have in the graph) in the metadata of the note or somewhere and in the graph the node of that particular note will look the same colour that you declared.

Use case

It could be useful for categorizing specific notes, when you view the graph you will be able to know what it’s colour corresponds to!


let’s consider you want to make notes on science subjects or just any category, you predetermine what colour you want the notes of that category (science) to look in the graph. so every time you write a note that fits in that category you just tag the note with the colour name you determined ( for graph level categorization ) and also tag it with the name of the category( for search functionalities )


this will be possible in 0.11