Coloring cells in table

hi, i’m wondering how can i simply color cells in Obsidian. i know about <table><tr><td></td>, but it’s very slow to edit

What I’m trying to do

trying to color cells in md table

Things I have tried

i tried applying <td style="background-color:00FF00;color:000000"></td>, but it results in this:

cells before the ones with td style are simply empty. and there is no way to remove them

now, i need to mention that i use it as a tracker. so if there is an answer on how to make a simple tracker with ability to color it, i will be happy

In the post below I showcase a way to use tags to highlight cells in an ordinary markdown table towards the end. You might want to use something similar in your setup.

okay, it works, but…i assume i can not change highlighted color in Obsidian? only in css snippet?

With this approach you do need to change the color in the CSS file, but there is nothing stopping you from predefining colors. One example could be to use #_/red and #_/green and #_/yellow as tags with their respective color definitions.

okay then, thanks! one extra question: can i define specific color to this?
and also add a color to inbetween cells’ borders?

In the post there are examples on just a little bit on what you can change, but you can indeed change borders using this trick.

by any chance do you know how? :slight_smile:

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