Colorful Tag 1.3.0! Support Shadow Text

  • now tag detail data store in frontmatter, you can modify them easily.
  • now support shadow text, you can see your tag detail directly.
  • add color picker and other components for easy input


Awesome, already had your plugin installed for helping me making my tag system a bit more visually pleasing and this looks like a very nice update.

Keep up the good work.

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@RieN I am too much a noob to understand how to use this. Do I have to use frontmatter for defining each tag? Right now I just create tags on the fly in edit mode.

Oh, yeah: will it work along with Base Tag Renderer?


Oops, I did not see the Add button at the top of the setting…

Awsome tool, but will you be able to apply the effects in edit mode? And even better, in the tag tree…


I love the idea of this plug in, but I’m not able to get it to work. Does anyone know if there is a specific plugin, theme or setting that breaks it?

I’m on obs v1.2.7 and installed colorful tag 1.3.2 today. No matter what I do, I can’t see the styling. Not in the editor or read view. Yes, it’s enabled and yes, I’ve restarted. I’ve tried using the plugin’s global settings and made settings one for a specific tag.

I do have a lot of plugins installed, so I disabled them all and went to the default theme, but still nothing. Next I opened a vault that had no plugins and uses the standard theme. Colorful Tag works there! This makes me think that it doesn’t like a theme or plugin that is merely installed, but not enabled. I made all core plugin settings the same for the two vaults and started slowly installing and enabling them on the second vault, but haven’t been able to break Colorful Tags there yet.

I’m not done testing yet, but I was hoping someone might have run into this issue?

Oh… I think I just answered my own question. Colorful Tag works on NEW tags that are created AFTER installing the plugin.

I believe the tag I was testing it on was one that I had created, but later deleted, so even though it wasn’t on my tag list, Obsidian remembered it somewhere. Being able to colorize existing tags would be really useful.

Just did another test and Obsidian does not remember deleted tags. I must have initially tested with a tag I thought I’d used in the past.