"Colorful Inline Metadata"

Something like:

but for inline metadata:

[field1:: value]
[field2:: value]

where we can set colors based on ‘field1’ vs ‘field2’, so different fields can be different colors.
Maybe based on value, as well?

I think that while this syntax is Dataview, obsidian’s editor must provide a way to select these elements in css, like can be done with tags now, e.g.

.tag[href^="#flagged"] {
  background-color: orange;
  color: black;

.tag[href^="#flagged/in-progress"] {
  background-color: #6688bb;


Hi, can i ask a question?

Sorry if this is not the right place to ask it, i’m noob at this firum stuff. Feel free to delete my question.

Would this allow me to have any internet links that i have saved in the past with let’s say the extension .url or html if dragged into obsidian have bkue colored text so i could disguish them as link from lwt s say a .pdf file/link?

This should: GitHub - mdelobelle/obsidian_supercharged_links: obsidian plugin to add attributes and context menu options to internal links