Collapse backlinks by default?

Has anyone found any option or hack to see my list of backlinks (and maybe also search results) collapsed by default, one I haven’t detected so far?

If not, I could make a feature request out of this (and then give some more explanation why I think this could make sense) which, I guess, should be quite easy to implement…

Thanks for any help!

Both panels have a Collapse results button (pictured here in blue)
Screenshot 2020-10-21 at 09.38.26
As long as that option is active, backlinks and search results will only show filenames.

I know - but after every restart of obsidian the default is again “uncollapsed”. Just wanted to know if there is a global option to change the default behaviour…

You’re right. I hadn’t noticed that. Well, this seems more like a bug than a missing feature to me.

I agree this seems like a #bug-reports. I would expect that option saved with the workspace.

I didn’t realize that uncollapsed backlinks when restarting Obsidian was a bug. It happens to me and I wish it didn’t.

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I also have the toggle of “collapse search result” turned off everytime I reset obsidian.

I wasn’t aware this was a bug, this happens in backlinks as well as regular search results, I like collapsed results, and I always have to do it manually.

I’ve tried saving it as a workspace but it keeps toggling off with restart.

I’ll keep an eye on this post, let us know @alltagsverstand if you rewrite this as a bug report

As this behavior has been confirmed by several people, I finally opened a bug report on this topic.