Backlinks and search results do not stay collapsed when restarting obsidian

As originally described in this thread and also confirmed by others, backlinks and search results always show uncollapsed be default.

When I collapse my backlinks, the expected behavior would be that after a restart of obsidian they still appear collapsed.

Yet, the actual behavior is that by default they appear uncollapsed again.

This, of course, is not a really huge problem as I can collapse them again via a click. But as there seem to be a couple of people (like me) who like their backlinks or search results in most cases only showing up with their file names, this behavior can be a bit annoying. It would thus be really great if this could be resolved in one of the next releases!


This is not a bug per se. It’s a feature request. Please open a feature request if it’s not already there and follow the template.

@WhiteNoise This was originally written as a Feature request by @alltagsverstand

Collapse backlinks by default?

with a few other people we seemed to determine it was a bug. (Although we could be wrong)

In case it’s not a bug it’d be good to open the feature request back since it was marked as “Resolved Help”

I’m not sure if this works for anyone, I tried it both in Linux and Mac and the “collapse search result” turns off every time after restart.

Like @alltagsverstand said this can get annoying for those of us who prefere to have “collapse search result” turned on by default, and workspaces don’t seem to leave it on either.


@santi a feature request was opened

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Any update on this bug/feature request? I like using search function and this is quite annoying.

@voseidon This has been implemented already 15 months ago (with version 09.12.).

To clarify, this was implemented for backlinks side panel, not in document backlinks.