"Collapse All" button - for Outline pane

(Feature Request)


To the Outline pane (made collapsible since v0.8.15), please add Collapse All button, for folding all levels of children.

Additional info:

A) Today which part of Obsidian has Collapse all button

  • Search pane
  • Backlinks pane
  • Editor (keyboard shortcut)

B) Where else we need collapse all


How about a button in the ribbon that allows you to select fold levels (just see #, just see ##, see all, etc.)?


Yeah! I excitedly assigned a shortcut to the collapse all command in the editor only to find it basically useless as it collapses the H1 and thus the entire note except for metadata stuff.


Got my vote

hi all, any progress on this? Would love to be able to collapse all blocks in a note. Does not matter to me if it collapses H1, I can expand that one by hand, as long as the rest stays collapsed. Tia, Derek.

sorry, my bad, there IS an option for this, it is called Fold and not Collapse. Even has its standard shortcut ^shift.

It would be very useful for long content.

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I would only do it for Headings, otherwise it would be a lot of word to expand indents too, to read them.

Any news about topic?
I’m voting for this function

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Yeah I need it, too!
It’s really helpful when there are a lot of headings

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This would be really helpful when working with larger notes with many headings and subheadings. The same “Expand/Collapse all” button that is used in the obsidian file explorer would be perfect.

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The ability to collapse all/expand all in the Outline pane is absolutely essential for efficient browsing. This is a simple feature. Please implement it!

The collapse all/expand all feature is currently available in the Files tab of the Left Sidebar. :+1:

It should also be available in the Search tab of the Left Sidebar. Most of the time I have many, many search results, and it is tedious to scroll through with the “context” showing. I need to collapse them and then browse, and then look at context if I am interested.

Thank you.


Created an account just to +1 this. The ideal solution for me would be:

  1. A button that allows you to collapse all Outline items.
  2. A setting that allows you to decide the persistent load state of the Outline: collapsed or open.

Seems odd that they would add one to the notes panel but not the outline one, more so when it’s usually the outline that gets filled up faster. I tried seeing if there was a way to edit this through snippets but I couldn’t find a solution.


I found out that Quiet Outline does everything we wish the standard outline would do, and more. Check it out, it’s just what everyone’s discussing here.

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Adding a +1 to be able to collapse outline items natively. It would be extremely useful.


+1 for this

+1. Also I just found out that Quiet Outline is awesome.

I would also find a native outline expand/collapse button helpful.

  • Bonus would be choosing a level to collapse/expand to (e.g. collapse all levels 4-6, leaving levels 1-3 uncollapsed)
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I would also appreciate a collapse-button for outline view!

I’ve been expecting this feature long.