Collapse/Expand All in File Explorer

Right click and collapse/expand all for folders in the File Explorer. This would make navigating through folder hierarchies much quicker.

I couldn’t find any duplicate requests, but these are related quality of life requests for the file explorer:


Great request. Going to link this higher-level request for reference

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(Feature Request)


To the File explorer, please add Collapse All button, for folding all levels of children.

Additional info:

A) Today which part of Obsidian has Collapse all button

  • Search pane
  • Backlinks pane
  • Editor (keyboard shortcut)

B) Where else we need collapse all


Yes! As I’m working in a big folderstructure (multiple teams, documentation projects etc) the tree can become quite overwhelming when you want to go “somewhere else”. A collapse all button in the File Explorer pane would be briljant!!

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Love this idea. Seems like a game changer to me.

Navigating the explorer tree was part of the reason I suggested a global vault auto MOC builder and explorer tree structure bidirectional mirroring foldable and editable comp note. I know it kind of cuts against the grain, but anything that adds value without impeding is worth it although I admit not top priority.

I mention this here because if you built the MOC intelligently, there would never be a reason to collapse as you could just navigate to the root MOC section which would have the second tier folders as unfoldable links/headings.

So in an instance where you truly wanted explorer specific functionality like moving images, you could just navigate using the MOC with all its bells and whistles the use your reveal in explorer hotkey.

I am having second thoughts about posting this here as it is tangential, but posting it within my request then linking to that from here is hardly any better.

My apologies, but this request got me excited about the all in one idea that is seeming more attractive by the minute.

Anyways, here is the link: Global vault note that includes everything

Thanks you.

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I really miss this feature! Collapse All button will be very useful.

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Comment RE Collapse/Expand - [Current state] When I’m editing my daily note, and I invoke the “Reveal active file in navigation” it shows my Daily folder (with 247 entries.)

[desired state] If that became the active pane, I’d like to use the arrow keys just like I do in the Windows System Explorer. Left arrow to navigate active selection to be the parent folder (Daily). Left arrow again to collapse the folder. Arrow around to another .md file or folder - and press enter to either expand a folder or make a Note active.

This keyboard navigation hack would allow for collapse all/expand all at the cost of changing the focus of the active pane.

This would be my top 1 feature request atm. I have lots of notes that are not worth the trouble to tag, link i.e. make part of the zettelkasten. So it’s exhausting to click and scroll and collapse folders all the time. One quick “Collapse All” would save lots of work.

I’d love to see this as well!

Collapse All by OfficerHalf works perfectly! Thank you for your awesome plugin!


will be implemented in v0.16

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Add a collapse all option for file explorer plugin

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it is useful for navigating quickly to a file from the vault’s root. closing open folders one by one to open up space and see where we are is really time-consuming and unnecessary task

Related feature requests (optional)


and perhaps also …

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thanks, i also find it accidentally yesterday. still it is a good feature to be added to the core plugin

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