CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK (Open in new Pane) does not work as intended when vim mode and page preview enabled

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Edit Mode find a link.
  2. Hold Command/Ctrl + Shift + Click to open link in a new pane.

Expected result

Open the link in a new pane with one click.

Actual result

Link Preview Popup opens and text is selected, you have to click again with the modifiers held to open the link in a new pane.


  • Operating system: Mac
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.17

Additional information

Video (lasts 30 days):

Does this happen with defalt css and no third party plugin?

I found the culprit:

It’s a core feature in editor “Vim key bindings” when enabled causes the issue shown above. With it off, it works without issue ( although it still does the selection weirdness you see above ).

This is definitely a bug, I turned off EVERYTHING and just kept that ON/OFF.


Can anyone else reproduce this on MacOS or any other OS?

This seems to still sort of exist, so now clicking actually opens and if you are in preview it opens nicely with no issues.

However if you are in EDIT mode and you CMD+SHIFT+CLICK it does open the note in a new pane BUT the original note will have text highlighted up until that link, seems minor but would be nice that it does not do any highlighting as it adds an extra step to un select. Minor.

Edit: Rolled into a new report here CMD/CTRL+SHIFT CLICK Links highlights text in edit mode and this topic should be closed as solved.