Close to tray

Two workarounds for macOS:

  1. Apptivate (free app) to set a shortcut for toggling the main app’s visibility → this is actually what I’m using
  2. Using macOS native app shortcut on the “Minimize” menu position: Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac – Apple Support (AU) (though there seems to be no way to maximise it using this method)

+1 for this… would also love to see Quick Note pop the app back up from minimized system tray status.

I have just downloaded Traymond and it does the job. (Shortcut: “Windows Key+Shift+Z”)

New to Obsidian and the lack of a global hotkey to show/hide the app would be a deal breaker for me. Fortunately this is easy to achieve on MacOS using Keyboard Maestro:

XM 2021-12-31T12-56-41

  • to this topic.
    Need similar features, like it was made in a Flashnote

Feature “Minimize Obsidian App to tray on close” is very useful.
Evernote and other similar programms are able to do it.

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Thanks for “alltray” tip!

Obsidian has a plugin called “Global Hotkeys” which is supposed to provide OS-level hotkeys to Obsidian actions…not sure if it works on Mac (haven’t checked yet). Might be another option for folks.


Excellent tip of the plugin, thanks!

+1 for close to tray

A small, but valuable QoL improvement.

+1, small and easy to implement but very important for QoL!

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Looks like the feature can be simply “taken over” from Option to start in tray · Issue #27 · IsmaelMartinez/teams-for-linux · GitHub

This is not doing minimize to tray, just to background… - see my comment with teams-for-linux project, how I believe it should work (really to tray). There was a project called keynote on windows (simmilar to this one), it was also doing right thing too.

+1 for this! quick capture is so crucial and should be a core feature of obs!

Living with this for now:

kdocker -i ~/<obsidian icon> -d 10 <obsidian appimage>

Nice workaround, but the problem with kdocker is, that global hotkeys (hide/show via 3rdparty plugin) does not work with it and kdocker itself also does not seem to support it unfortunately. The keynote project, which contains desired functionality combining both global hotkey and tray icon can be found here: GitHub - dpradov/keynote-nf: Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level notes and strong encryption. - this was really best note taking tool for many years on Windows with great usability.