Close to tray

Hi everybody. I created a solution for this Problem. Just today I updated my App. Hier can you find the Download GitHub - MichaelLepori/ObsiWizy: Tool for Obsidian Users and hier ObsiWizy On YouTube how it works. Enjoy it and let me know, if you would like to be able to do more with it. Till then, take care. ML

Hi! I’ve written an open-source plugin for Obsidian that adds this functionality (close to tray, open on startup, global hotkey): GitHub - dragonwocky/obsidian-tray: Launch Obsidian on startup and run it in the background from the system tray

I’ve submitted it to Obsidian’s community plugins repo, so hopefully it’ll be available there soon, but until then there are instructions for manual installation of the plugin at the link above.