Clicking on internal links in excalidraw leads to this


Can you please tell me how to make the default template not be visible when switching between drawings by internal links? When switching it appears for a millisecond and only then goes switching.

Here you can see how the default template pops up almost every time I click on an internal link:


Not a single question on excalidraw has been answered either here or in discord.
Very, very frustrating. It would be better to not have this plugin at all!

The very first forum search result for “Excalidraw” is a post that was answered and solved. Excalidraw: work with drawings both from within Obsidian and

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I appreciate the reply, but my question is on a different topic.
It doesn’t matter now - in any case, I solved it myself.

I was responding to this.

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Are you kidding me?
Of course I wrote about my questions and you thought like the moderator since people don’t know how to use search.

Do you really think no one uses a search engine? It’s a little more complicated than that.

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