Click to open links in new panel (not tab)

I used to ctrl+click to open links in a new panel on the right. The new behaviour in V1.0 is to open the link in a new tab, which hides the source document.

Is there a way to restore the old mapping ?

I’ve looked through the options, but couldn’t find any customization for the clicks.


There isn’t any possibility for customization (yet), but you can open a link in a new panel with ctrl + alt + Click.

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ctrl + alt + click” - yuck, so not ideal.

Any idea on how long (if ever) the development team takes to see, recognize, and address questions/concerns/ideas raised here?


no. “soon” ™
There is already a feature request for customizing click with modifiers.

“use the search, Luke”
“may the search be with you, always” etc

thanks, I didn’t hit the right keywords :sweat_smile:

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Another new issue to add to the list I guess :man_shrugging:t2::

Yes, please; I’m also struggling with this. As a long-time user of panes with Sliding Panes (Andy Matuschak Mode), I can easily switch between panels and then elegantly slide forth and back. Tabs always get in the way, and I need another shortcut for it.

Suppose we could just set panes as default when opening a link. I used option+cmd+enter to open a note in another pane, but now it’s opening in a tab instead. Same behavior happens now with the mouse as explained in the initial questions. How can I change this behavior back?

In a rare case when I need a tab, then I’d do that manually. Toggling the default behavior, in any case, would be a huge win.

+1! Desperately miss the simple feature of ctrl-click to open pane on right panel.

You can use the Addon “Maximise Active Pane” from death_au (the same guy who create the Sliding Panes Addon).
If your note are NOT maximised Ctrl+Klick will work as you know it.
If your note is maximised Ctrl+Klick will open a new Tab.
It is a bit frustrating to correct the new changes manually, because the workflow of v.0.15.9 was perfect with Sliding Panes :confused:

Yes, it was very convenient.

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