Citations add-on

Things I have tried

The adding of literature notes into obsidian simply doesn’t work , even though I set. up the right path and when searching for literature notes the window shows all my saved (bib latex) references, however I can not insert them. It always says:

Unable to access literature note. Please
check that the literature note folder
exists, or update the Citations plugin

What I’m trying to do

I already tried re-installing both obsidian + Zotero as well as changing the location for the folder several times.
When checking the settings it also said that all my references are found within the respective folder.
Would really appreciate any help!!

Did you search the forum?

I think I saw something recently either here or in Discord saying that Citations hasn’t been updated in a while and to use the Zotero Integration plugin instead (I might be misremembering exactly what was said).

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