Chrome clipper extension


I’ve written a Chrome extension that let’s you easily clip things from the web and paste into Obsidian. If you’re curious there’s a quick screencast and intro.

For installing follow the steps on Github.

Right now the limitation is that the extension cannot paste into Obsidian itself, thus you will need to chain two shortcuts: one for activating the Chrome extension and another one for pasting in Obsidian. This can be done easily with Keyboard Meastro or AutoHotKey :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any ideas of feature request and I’ll see what I can do! :running_man:


this look amazing thank you so much for making this!!

I know the frustration of compatibily when building something like an extension, but I thought I’d ask just in case:

Could this be eventually brought to firefox?

I don’t want to get into a browser war, so I won’t get into all the privacy reasons why many users don’t want to use chrome.

I’m not on the anti-chrome extreme. So I might download chrome just to test this because it looks amazing.

Since the project is mostly done in javascript and html I thought it be awesome to ask if firefox would be possible in the future.

Even if stays in chrome, I still think many people would benefit from this amazing extension, so I just want to make sure it comes accross that this looks like an excellent project!

Thanks for your hard work!

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Vivaldi. Brave.


I get you, I’ve gone through the whole cycle of testing all browsers (even qutebrowser haha), I always end up coming back to firefox and am really happy with my set-up.

but I agree with the fact that Brave can be used to use add chrome extensions.

I’d be awesome to have this great extension in firefox, but if it’s a tricky request, I totally get it, and I’ll find my way around things to still use it

Hey there! I get it and respect your choice! I’ll have a look on how hard it would be to convert it :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot man, I appreciate it, I’ll keep an eye on this project and will test it on chrome either way!

Hey Santi! Good news I’ve had some time to convert this plugin to Firefox as well. Right now it’s not distributed or signed yet, but you can install it manually for now!

If I have some more time I’ll see if I can get the into the stores of Firefox & Chrome.

There’s a manual for the install in the readme at: :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot man, you are epic. I’m checking it out right now. Truly appreciate your hard work!

Hey Joost,
I run into some issues setting things up.

I opened an issue on github, thought it might be better to keep track of things there, but feel free to let me know if you prefere it here, whatever you think might be more discoverable for other users.

Thanks again man, looking forward to using it!

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Thanks so much for this, works amazing! When I previously used OneNote I loved that it would automatically copy the URL when you copy and pasted from the browser. So this extension is a great feature that saves a ton of time, and helps make notes better because the URL is automatically included and you can trace back exactly where you got the data from.

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I’m new to plug-ins and Obsidian more generally. I have installed the plug-in and it seems to be installed correctly - invoking it opens a new tab that seems to do stuff. But nothing shows up in my note. I changed the vault and the note it writes to. Any ideas?

I’m running Obsidian 0.9.7, Chrome 86.0.4240.111 on macOS Catalina

A little more troubleshooting: I was able to catch the dialog box and allow the site to open an associated application. In Obsidian, I now see “Opened File “”” (what I called my clippings file) but nothing gets appended to the document.

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The plugin still requires to you paste it into Obsidian (ctrl/cmd + V). I can’t interact outside the browser after opening Obsidian, thus the pasting is still required. Once the protocol/url interface allows for note creation it will be automated :slight_smile:

You can automated the pasting by chaining two shortcuts in Keyboard Meastro for example. One for activating the plugin, and the second being pasting (ctrl/cmd + V)

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That makes sense. I don’t use Keyboard Maestro but I’ll look into it.

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Got a Keyboard Maestro macro working. Thanks!

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Thanks! It’s working fine for me(:smile:

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Just pushed the new version, with a {zettel} template and an option to test your configuration :slight_smile:

Hi, new to Obsidian and MAC 10.15.7 and Chrome v 87. Using Git and src from that upon unpacking get an error “Unrecognized manifest key ‘applications’.” regarding Gecko. Seems related to Firefox port?

The extension seems to work fine!!

I like the concept of typing browsing activity to Obsidian.

Thanks and appreciate the hard work.

Great plugin!
I like to use the {title} placeholder twice, once at the top of the document, then again in the reference link.

Something like this:

# {title}
> {clip}

Clipped from [{title}]({url}) on {date}.

Using any of the placeholders a second time instead renders the placeholder so my last line says Clipped from [{title}](https://...

Would it be possible to allow the placeholder twice?
I could obviously use a ‘naked’ url as an acceptable workaround, but I thought it might be worth an ask.

As an example, here’s a template that uses all of them twice:
{clip}, {date}, {datetime}, {title}, {zettel}, {url} -- {clip}, {date}, {datetime}, {title}, {zettel}, {url}

Results when highlighting the words “Chrome clipper extension” on this page:

Chrome clipper extension, 2021-01-29, 2021-01-29T18:08:30, Chrome clipper extension - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum, 202112912830, -- {clip}, {date}, {datetime}, {title}, {zettel}, {url}

Thanks again for the useful extension, looking forward to any updates!

Hey @Erisred! Thanks! Supporting multiple placeholders shouldn’t be a big change… I’ll have a look tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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Alright! Just published 1.4.0 that includes the possibility to use the placeholders as many times as you want! :slight_smile:

You can download the new version here: