Choosing individual fonts for editing and reading views

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I am using Obsidian 0.15.8 with two vaults. Each vault does use its own font for editing and reading, thanks to the new option in Obsidian. In one of the two vaults I cannot make things look identical in editing and reading view…
The font in editing view is not the one I have chosen in the appearance settings. It is “just a sans-serif-font”…
I cannot figure out which setting I have to change to make things look the same in both views.
I do not have this in my other vault… :thinking:

I forgot to mention, that I am using the “Minimal” theme…

I have found the solution myself!!
There is a switch for editor font settings in the “MinimalThemesSettings” Plugin. And this was filled with content. That’s why it did overwrite the other settings… :sunglasses:


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