Choose just a sentence or just a paragraph

Hello, developers!

Can you add a new feature that allows us to choose the single sentence or a single paragraph where the cursor is?

Like the feature in Typora, when I click Ctrl+L, I can just choose a sentence where the cursor is. And when I click Ctrl+E, I can just choose a paragraph where the cursor is. I can even select just one word where the cursor is by clicking Ctrl+D.

I think this is a useful feature to increase the editing speed. So we can use keyboard to finish all selecting work.

Currently, I can only choose the whole article by clicking Ctrl+A. If I want to choose a single sentence or a single paragraph, I have to use the mouse. This is no convenient.


That Typora feature looks interesting and useful :eyes:

I guess a workaround for selecting text with just the keyboard now would be:

Selecting Paragraphs:
Home + Shift + End

Selecting Words:
Move Cursor to start of word then Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow

Selecting Sentence:
Move cursor to start of word then Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow until you reach the last word :joy:

So many steps right now so +1 for this FR.
Personally I’ve just been using the select paragraphs and shift/arrow key combos for text selection :sweat_smile:

Casting my vote as well, this would be a super handy feature.

And thanks, I didn’t know about that shortcut in Typora.

Hey, I want this too! I know you can select a whole paragraph with a triple-click but I could do it with the keyboard only, that would be awesome!

To get this feature, insert a line break after each concluding sentence.

Markdown and css styling doesn’t allow the selection of single sentences if these aren’t broken with a line break

I was also searching for a similar feature. Here is the functionality I am accustomed to in JetBrains products: “Selection Expand” on Word, Sentence, Paragraph, Section, etc.

Does anyone have a workaround or a plugin suggestion?