Changing link display name breaks the link in a table

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create two new notes
  2. Create a table in one of the notes
  3. Create a link to the other note in the table
  4. Change the display name of the link (e.g. [[note 1|name]]

Expected result

A functioning, renamed link in the table that points to the other note.

Actual result

A broken link
So you’ll see


if you had a link like [[note|name]]


  • Operating system: Chrome OS 90.0.4430.86 (Linux)
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.1

Additional information

This expected behaviour as per the help documents. In short, you need to escape the | character with a backslash \.

Per your example, that would be:

[[note 1\|name]]

Stumped me too when I started with Obsidian!

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