Change iPhone Mobile App Icon on Home Screen?

I just downloaded the Obsidian app on the iPhone and I was wondering if there was an option to change the app icon? I think it would be cool to remove the white background and make it transparent or dark so it better matches dark theme on iPhone.



There isn’t. I think there are apps that let you set custom icons somehow?

I think you’re right. Most other iPhone apps just give you the option in the settings / preferences.

Maybe a mod will see this post, and put it in feature request. Would be cool to see an update with this option. :crossed_fingers:

Shortcuts does can do it. How to Change App Icons on iOS 14

When I first tried it (iOS12,13?) it would launch shortcuts first then the app. Nope! I think it’s smoother now.

Sorry, I meant I think there are third-party apps that let you set icons of other apps, and you might be able to use one to change Obsidian’s icon. But ariehen’s suggestion sounds better.

I would also love it if there was an official way to change the app icon

Thanks so much for the pointer - used Shortcuts as per the linked article and it works.

Default and “improved” icon shown in screenshot.

Yep, the new icon is badly scaled, and I had to zoom all the way to avoid Shortcuts giving it green borders … but it’s so much less harsh looking than the default white box?

Looking forward to a “proper” dark mode icon, this will do me for now.

Used icons from Big Sur icon - after that screenshot, I switched to the icon from that link with a lighter background, and suspect all this really needed for me was not having harsh rgb(255,255,255) white surrounding the icon.

For your comparison :slight_smile:

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