Center Linked Tabs

Use case or problem

I don’t like the hybrid editing mode since I feel it’s “laggy” when pressing up or down on the keyboard, so I use the Source Mode. And to see if the formatting is right, I use a little window with the Reading Mode on the right.

The problem is that, most times, my cursor is in the middle of the main screen while the little reading window is at the top of the main screen. Because of that, I can’t immediately see the part I’m edditing.

I hope this image can help showcase what I mean:

Proposed solution

Have an option, as the user links a tab, to link it to the center of the other tab.

Current workaround

As I use vim binds, I just press zt, to scroll the page down until my cursor is at the very top.


If there is a plugin that already does this or a plugin that zooms out the little page it would be enough.

Do they scroll together if the Reading Tab isn’t in the sidebar?

Yes, they do

So there’s an option, if you can live with it being not in the sidebar.

When you have it in the sidebar, is it pinned or unpinned? Does changing the pin status make them scroll together?

What do you mean?

It’s pinned. They do scroll together. I just wish to see the part that I’m editing instead of the top of the big tab.

If you want, I can send a GIF tomorrow of how it’s currently working

Why don’t you just do a “Split right” from the context menu of the tab, and keep it side by side in the main window, instead of in the side pane? Just remember to link the tabs together, and switch either one (my preferred is the right one) to reading view.

My Obsidian is usually split in four columns:

  • File explorer and search in a narrow column to the left
  • Main editing window, with source view
  • Reading window, with reading view
  • A narrower (or hidden) side pane to the right

This way the two main windows keeps synced as they maintain the same height, and it’s easy for the scrolling to keep up. The only downside to this method for me, is that I sometimes need to link up the two windows (or change sources) if I open a link the “wrong” way.

I tried it once, but it consumed too much of my screen. Thank you though.

I see, the problem is just that the 2 views are different sizes, which affects what’s shown when scrolling. Because the sidebar note was at the top, I thought it wasn’t scrolling.

I have a similar issue but with normal linked tabs, rather than one linked to the sidebar. The scroll sync is matching at the top of the page rather than the middle (preferred option) or the cursor. This is particularly noticeable when embedding sections from other pages.