Canvas: Visually isolating hovered card and its connected cards with other cards

I don’t know how to describe this, so let me tell you about my own experience…

When I’m creating an object relationship draft (a lot of simple cards and a lot of linking), I have a hard time organizing my canvas, but creating a whole bunch of notes and switch back and forth to add links is just too tedious, as each card doesn’t have much in it. Mostly just a descriptive name for each card.

Also in situation where, for example, 10 incoming links to a side of a card, and those outgoing cards are spread amid a bunch of other cards, but moving those cards around would completely ruin the layout…

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If I understand correctly, I like this idea, it can help improve the readability of the canvas, especially when there is a lot of content and a lot of arrows and everything looks like visual chaos.

This is just like the graph view, where hovering over a node “visually isolates” that node and all associated nodes.

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