Canvas view for Folders and Vaults

Use case or problem

The canvas feature is a fantastic feature. And provides great clarity when working with multiple files and various notes. However, I think there is an missed opportunity not to have a “canvas view” much like the graph view.

Proposed solution

It would give you an unpresented level of overview of your notes, if you could open a folder/vault and see all folders as preconfigured groups.

Where the Research title of the group in the example below is a folder name, Test Note is a file in that folder, as well as the screenshot png image. Obviously the standalone note would not be applicable in this case.

This could easily be cluttered if you have several nestled folders. My proposed solution would be to have configurable setting on how deeply into a nestled tree you would be able to view things. With a default of a depth of 1 layer. With a new added button for the contextual group menu named “Open canvas view” to then traverse down one level, and view that folder in the same canvas context.