Canvas Node Resizing

Use case or problem

Resizing nodes is currently a very manual process

Proposed solution

Along with alignment options, having some basic sizing. E.g. right click a node(s), select fit, auto, square, tall, or wide.

Square, tall, and wide are what they sound like. “Fit” would probably just use maximum line width or something and extend the height to include all content from the node. “Auto” (more complex, potentially ignore this one for mvp) would automatically pack the selected nodes together into a square, sizing them according to how much content they each have. Other programs with similar node-packing features usually allow the user to maintain the current scaling (i.e. “arrange” the nodes) or allow independent scaling.

Potentially, aspect ratios for tall and wide could be defined in the canvas settings tab (or maybe canvas could use a settings modal like the graph view).

Use cases

Other than the obvious, it seems pretty common to want to shrink a node after narrowing to a heading/block. Though, this could potentially happen automatically after narrowing and not even need the resizing feature. It also seems common to have to resize a node after dragging in a note. Again, this could happen automatically, but in this case it seems wrong to assume the user wants to fit the node size to all the contents, and could be annoying for larger notes that suddenly eclipse all existing nodes.

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