Can't use Ctrl+tab on iOS / Ctrl + tab doesn’t cycle to next tab



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1
iPadOS: 16.1

Expecting ctrl + tab to cycle through tabs, but nothing happens. If I look up the command, it says the hotkey is bound to it, but pressing ctrl + tab doesn’t get any response.

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Bumping this up because it is still an issue on Obsidian mobile version 1.4.6

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Continuing to bump this up as there hasn’t been any solution as far as I can tell

Isn’t it cmd tab on iOS/macos?

What exactly are you trying to do? Post a screen recording

Trying to help here…

The user is saying in this BR is that the on Obsidian Mobile on iPadOS (using an external keyboard) we CAN’T assign a command to the combination of keys CRTL + TAB the same way that we CAN on Obsidian Desktop.

Moreover, any command previously assigned to CRTL + TAB on Obsidian Desktop DOES NOT work when hitting CRTL + TAB on Obsidian Mobile on iPadOS (using an external keyboard).

In other words, CRTL + TAB does not work on Obsidian Mobile on iPadOS the same way that works on Obsidian Desktop.

On iPadOS, CMD + TAB is a native iPadOS command used to cycle between apps. This BR is about CRTL + TAB and NOT about CMD + TAB

I hope it helps you to understand the issue :pray:

Ok, now I understand. if you assign the tab switching to something else. Does it work?

YES. If you assign the command Go to Next Tab to a different hotkey like CTRL+4 it works PERFECT on Obsidian Mobile on iPadOS with an external keyboard.

Another information that I investigate before writing this reply… if you emulate Obsidian Mobile on Desktop you are NOT ABLE to see the issue.

In other words to see this happening on Obsidian Mobile, I have to use an iPad with iPadOS and an external keyboard to reproduce the issue on your end.

I hope it helps :pray:

Thank you yes, this is exactly the problem. On MacOS ctrl tab cycles through the tabs, but on iPad it does not.

Assigning a different hotkey works—but that becomes very strange to have to use two different hotkeys on iPad vs Mac. Also ctrl tab is generally the default hotkey for cycling between tabs in all other apps.

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