Can't switch Vaults on Android with URI

I’ve looked at a few posts, e.g. [BUG] URI to open vault not working correctly - delayed operation - #31 by jwhitley

I’d like to be able to use a URI (through e.g. Automate, Shortcut Maker) to open a specific Vault (and note within the vault).

At present, using obsidian://open works fine within the current Vault, but if I ask it to open another Vault (e.g. obsidian://open?vault=VaultB) it silently fails, as does a specific Note (e.g. obsidian://open?vault=VaultB&file=FileB1)

Steps to reproduce

  • Have 2 vaults (VaultA, VaultB)
  • Have VaultA open on Android
  • Use a URI to point to a note in another Vault (obsidian://open?vault=VaultB&file=NoteB1)

Expected result

  • Obsidian switches to VaultB, opens NoteB1

Actual result

  • Nothing happens


  • Operating system:
  • Debug info:
    Latest version of the Android app (but the problem existed in the previous one too)

Additional information

If I understand right, this is a somewhat known bug, but I haven’t a) been able to find a definitive report for this on Android (post above seems to be about iOS) and b) it is not mentioned in the docs (Using obsidian URI - Obsidian Help) which it should be if it is a known bug.

There is no need to open another thread. The one you linked is the appropriate one.
We do not put in the docs all the known bugs.