Cant create a backslash with a german keyboard

Things I have tried

I can’t get a backslash inside obsidian on a german keyboard.
Normally this would be ctrl+alt+ the second key left from the backspace key.
Has been mentioned in this post

What I’m trying to do

making a backslash \

Someone had this same problem in the Discord community. They followed up with:

I figured out how to do it with CTRL + WINDOWS + ALT + ß
But it’s kind of annoying to do so

Does that work?

What is your operating system? There might be some other workarounds.

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Thank you! This actually works. Btw the normal way works fine in every other context of obsidian that I tried. Like the search fields.
I am on Windows 11 Home Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000

This works on my Swedish keyboard as well! While we don’t have the ß key, it works by pressing CTRL+WIN+ALT+ ?/+ key.

Replying this for future reference in case some nordic users encounter the same problem.


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