Cannot login to embedded Google Drive

Things I have tried

I’m trying to embed a private google doc as descriped in this topic. According to the topic it should be possible to log in to Google:

Of course, if your cloud document does not have access permissions of any kind then you will have to log in from the document embedded in the Obsidian note; i.e., from within Obsidian. The credentials will be recorded in Obsidian’s cache.

However when I try to login in the iframe, which does show up, my email vanishes from the input field, and I do not get the option to enter my password.
The login page does recognize my gmail address, as when I enter a nonexistent gmail account it does show the message that the account is not found.

What I’m trying to do

I want to store my gmail login credentials in Obsidian, so that I can read and edit documents in my Google Drive from within Obsidian. If there is a way to enter credentials into Obsidian without using the iframe, or even manually then that should solve the problem as well.

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After a lot more searching it turns out that the problem lies in my current (0.14.2) version of Obsidian: That means the next release should solve my problem. I’ll close this issue at least until I can check the next update.

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