I Cannot login to embedded Google Drive

I’m trying to embed a private google doc as descriped in this topic. According to the topic it should be possible to log in to Google:

Of course, if your cloud document does not have access permissions of any kind then you will have to log in from the document embedded in the Obsidian note; i.e., from within Obsidian. The credentials will be recorded in Obsidian’s cache.

However when I try to login in the iframe, the sign in is not clickable.

What I’m trying to do

I want to store my gmail login credentials in Obsidian, so that I can read and edit documents in my Google Drive from within Obsidian. If there is a way to enter credentials into Obsidian without using the iframe, or even manually then that should solve the problem as well.

I saw that in topic from a year ago it said this issue was solved, but I’m having it now. Can anybody help?


I shouldn’t answer because I don’t know. But when you say “not clickable” it makes me think it could simply be a CSS or plugin conflict. Could you try with plugins and CSS snippets temporarily disabled and see if it helps?

It might not help. But worth a shot. Or when you say “not clickable” do you mean the same issue as described in that older topic, where the fields weren’t staying filled?