Cannot link to local HTML file

Obsidian 0.10.2 on Windows 10:

When I copy a PDF file to my vault, I can create a link to that file and display it inside Obsidian, using the [[filename.pdf]] or [pdf](filename.pdf) syntax. However, when I try to do this with an HTML file, i.e. [[filename.html]] or [html](filename.html), then this does not work. Instead of showing the HTML file, as expected, Obsidian creates an empty file and opens that.

we never supported this. You can try the notation [html](file:///path/to/file.html).

You can try the notation [html](file:///path/to/file.html).

This is not a replacement for internal links, since this notation does not allow relative paths. So as soon as you move your vault elsewhere, these links will all break.

We never supported this.

I considered it a bug, since the behavior is not consistent, even if it never worked. But you’re right, strictly speaking it’s not a bug, so raised this as a feature request now.

I have alredy pointed you to the relevant feature request. I will merge them.

Sorry - this multitasking between Christmas preparations and writing forum posts is not good for the quality of my posts. Should have read and researched the forum better before writing. Anyway, have a great Christmas and thanks for all your work for Obsidian and its community. :christmas_tree:

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It’s ok! merry christmas!!

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