Cannot drag the window of v1.0.0

I just downloaded v1.0.0. I found I cannot drag the app window anymore. It is Mac Intel.

What I’m trying to do

A custom theme could be interfering with this. I would first suggest checking if it works when you have the default theme selected and custom snippets disabled.

The other option you can try is setting a different Window frame style:

. The default option is “Hidden” which means that it’s only draggable from the region behind the tab, similar to Chrome. Changing this to either “native” or “obsidian frame” will give you a new drag region for your window.


I had the same issue on Linux. My solution was to change to the native frame option so my window manager works.

Thank you! The problem solved if I switch to native frame.

I had the same issue on mac and then noticed that it was only happened on one of my two vaults. The one that I could not drag was running obsidian nord and the other was default, issue went away after changing back to default.