Can we make mermaid renders a little bigger, just like typora did?

Now it renders too small.

It looks fine, just a little small and I need zoom in on it.

Here is 100% size.


    title Key elements in Product X
    "Calcium" : 42.96
    "Potassium" : 50.05
    "Magnesium" : 10.01
    "Iron" :  5

Sounds like a feature request. I’ll move this. :grinning:

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Same here. I’m on a 5k monitor, and the pie chart is tiny.

I’ve been searching through Mermaid docs and issues, but haven’t found any examples where it can be scaled.

Related: Gantt charts are way too small to be readable

Gantt diagrams are way too small on my end and I believe it’s referencing the same idea.

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A feature request I posted earlier: Ability to resize and align mermaid diagrams

Please merge these two posts if you think it’s appropriate.

Working on this for 0.9.7