Can I use shorter Zettel identifiers?

The ZK method works with YYYYMMDDHHMM file names, which I find a bit excessive - I’d prefer to try something like “Z2236 title” instead, with 22 being the year and 36 the week number. That way things still sort in a reasonably predictable order and the title is more easily viewed in lists and title bars.

This approach can be implemented with “\ZYYww” in Unique Note Creator, but something strange happens for subsequent notes in the same week: the value gets incremented, even though the entire file name is still unique (i.e. when trying to create “Z2236 foo” and then “Z2236 bar”). I tried adding a zero, hoping that then the final digit would increment instead of the week number, but it doesn’t work, “Z22360” still increments to “Z22370” on the second note.

Another oddity is that once I create more files in the same week, the creation step slows down, taking a few seconds before the note title popup appears.

The only workaround I can think of, is to manually create and name additional notes in the same week, but that sort of negates the whole point of automatically-numbered “Zettel”.

Sooo … is there a way to auto-generate a ZK-like ID which is a bit shorter (and therefore more granular) than down to the minute?

Not the answer you want, but …

Thanks - that explains it all: the generated ID must not exist as prefix, else it gets incremented. This also helped me find a quick workaround: “\ZYYWW ?”. I can then simply replace the question mark while filling in the rest of the note title. Since the next ID will never match a title with only a question mark in it, it won’t increment. That’s workable!

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