Can I fix the specified file in the Graph-View?

essential requirement

I want to easily and quickly find a specified file and then view my all files and files relationship through the specified file quickly.


I want to specify a file as the entrance of my study space. Think please, if do so, i can easily review my skill tree and achievement through the Graph-View.
What’s more, this method can help the Graph-View into a good order.


I wish that i can fix the file at the center of files cluster. But another point is ok.

This is possible. Open the file’s Local Graph view, then on the graph view pane, click the “unlink” button.

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emmm, unluckyly, this can not fullfill my request.


No matter i add file or delete file, when i open the “Graph-View” on the left navigation bar, the specified file will always at the fixed location


when i open the “local graph view” of specified file, and click “unlink the pane” button on the left right corner, the “local graph view” will not change any more.
But the “Graph-View” will change even i did not add/delete any file*

You mean fix the position of the nodes in there graph view?

That is not possible, but has been requested before. Please support the existing feature request:
Save Node Positions in Graph View (Edit and Preview Toggle)

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ok, i know~ thanks