Can a vault owner allow selected others to co-edit without sharing login credentials?

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I searched Help and this forum site using terms containing edit, editor, writer, author, contributor, multiple, share

What I’m trying to do

Can a vault owner enable other people to contribute notes in their vault without sharing the owner’s account credentials? I would like to invite a couple of fellow writers to help me build a knowledgebase.

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There is a community contributed plugin called “Obsidian Git”. You should be able to back-up your vault to a git repository, and have your co-writers make edits over there.

I have not personally used this plugin yet, but there are probably others who have done so.

Thanks. I’m hoping to find a solution allowing me to keep my vault where it is (iCloud) but will check out the Obsidian Git plugin as well. I’ll need to limit access due to proprietary content.

There are no collaborative features for Obsidian Sync at the moment.

As for iCloud, you should be able to share the vault folder using iCloud’s built in options. See:

You may need to tap an option labelled something like “Share folder with iCloud Drive” before an “Add people” option appears.

However, for the record, this isn’t officially supported. Do some testing with your collaborators before you run wild with this. I’m not sure how well it would handle editing the same file at the same time, or simultaneous preference changes, for instance…

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For official project documents you would definitely want revision source control, and you cannot use an unknown third party plugin.

Perhaps you can use git directly. Specify git to ignore the “.obsidian” directory. After a git refresh do a “refresh app without saving” from the command palette to read in contributions from other writers.

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