Calendar Plugin from Liam Cain Doesn't Show up in Obsidian 1.5 +

What I’m trying to do

Attempting to get Liam Cain’s Periodic Notes and Calendar working in Obsidian 1.5. Calendar is not showing up in any sidebars or elsewhere.

In a previous installation on a laptop Mac using Obsidian 1.4, I was successfully able to install Liam Cain’s plugins for Periodic Notes and Calendar. They worked seamlessly together and the calendar was visible in the right sidebar.

I now have a new computer and just installed Obsidian 1.5 on it (also a Mac). I installed both Periodic Notes and Calendar. While the Periodic Notes seem to work (I can click the left sidebar Open Today and it creates a daily note with my template), the Calendar doesn’t show up at all anywhere. It looks like I have the plugin installed correctly, but there’s no sign of it, even after reloading.

Things I have tried

I verified that the plug in was installed and enabled. I disabled the core plugin for Daily Notes, but this didn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever. I also reloaded the plug ins to no avail.

Thanks for any help you might suggest on this!
Korky Kathman

It could be off to the right:

There’s also a command to run if it’s not already open and hiding in the sidebar: Calendar: Open view.

Ariehen - thank you for the response- The theme I was usuing masked the calendar icon so when I changed my theme, all of a sudden it became visible rather than mushed with text in the side bar. Appreciate your time in answering!

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