Calendar plugin lost -- blank screen/tab

I have the latest version of the Calendar plugin installed on my Windows laptop. I’ve been using this for some time without any problems. But two days ago the Calendar tab went blank. This occurred right after Windows did an update. I searched the web and this forum but to no avail. One person noted that he/she changed the theme for a similar issue. I changed the theme, but that was of no help. I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it. Still, no calendar. Can I get the Calendar back? By the way, I’m now questioning all the plugins – can they just disappear following a Windows update?

Maybe try restarting the computer in case it’s a glitch.

Do you see the same behavior if you install Calendar in the Sandbox vault (found in the Help menu at the lower left of the app)?

Thanks for the suggestion on restarting my laptop. I did – several times. No good. I’ll try the Sandbox version – thanks for that suggestion.

If it works in Sandbox, then that suggest the problem is something particular to your vault. (You could then verify that by making a new test vault.)

I used the sandbox and I now have a Calendar. But it will disappear when I close the sandbox. So – now what?

Follow the Troubleshooting Guide to try to find the source of the problem.

Just a clarification: you see this tab icon here but everything under it is blank? Or you can’t see this icon at all?

Screenshot 2023-11-09 115952

If you can’t see the icon at all, it’s possible it’s been pushed off to the far right and is hiding. You could try horizontally scrolling in there or expanding the sidebar.


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Thanks for everyone’s help. When I tried the Sandbox suggestion, the Calendar worked. So, this means that something got corrupted in the Calendar folder. I deleted the last calendar entry I made, plus a few that were very old, and the Calendar worked. I can now see it. And the sidebar view also works.

Thanks again.

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