Bullet Lists

outdenting doesn’t seem to bring the bullet back… unless I am missing something. I am trying it on the items below
I have to retype the - and provide a new space, essentially rebuild the syntax for the bulleting to come back.

but the major issue is why this is happening, I am copying a list with bullets and proper indentation, but when I paste it the indentations and the syntax breaks. Why?

And while we’re at it… what are these half-indents?

try coping the original list in source mode and pasting it by pressing ctrl+shift+v ?

Indenting works on a selection of multiple lines. So you’ll be able to fix indentation on a large selection at once. Not just one at a time.

I don’t know if this came up in the thread. But can you check your Obsidian preferences? Editor → “Tab indent size”. What is yours set to? 2 or 4? Something different?

Also don’t miss two people giving you advice to test in the Sandbox vault, to help figure out if this is a problem with a plugin.

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Tried it a while back and now again. Doens’t seem to change anything.

Indentation shifts over and the bullets go away.

Yes but the indentation seems to be shifted to these half lines for some reason so I can never get the bullets back and the indentation doesn’t match the rest of the text - which is set at 4 I think.

Outdent more, until it’s “normal”, then start to indent slowly, level-by-level.

There’s also the space characters as well which is the reason why it’s not 100% aligned. Remove these space character and it should display as you expected.

Oh well. I had the same confusion as you when I first used Obsidian. Hope you’ll get it eventually.

yes I’ve been doing something like that, but I can’t do it for hundreds of lines…
againt he question is why is this happening - mostly but not always, when I simply copy and paste???

this is what i get in the vault …
so no go
does this mean deleting all plugins might not help?

You’re working with Markdown, something completely foreign to you. Prepare for more “gotchas” than this. This is just the 1st step.

To deal with 100s of lines, you need to know the format of the text of the source, and how it is transformed to markdown when pasted into Obsidian. It’s not rocket science, but it’s damn confusing. If the source file doesn’t have a proper output, you’ll have to jump through hoops.

I don’t know if this helps but If I paste right after my original item I have no issues as long as I paste when my cursor is at the utmost left of the text screen


that being said, when I try to do this, placing my cursor once again at the left of the text screen,
I get the below:

some of my frustration stems from the fact that everything was very intuitive -linking, embedding, hotkeys, plugins, making pdfs editable… and this is just copy pasting the indentations and Ive wasted 5 hours on it and I likely wont sleep because of it.

that being said, what is this about the source file? I am copying from the same note…
I am not pasting from outside obsidian, I am going from note to note, or just pasting within the same note.
I would expect these issues if I was pasting from outside obsidian

I understand your frustration. If the following works for you, just keep doing it.

So, paste from the left most margin and then start to indent or outdent the whole thing you just pasted to the correct level.

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yeah that no longer works, noted in a later post.
again does no one know why this is happening?

These are bullets and copy-pasting…

if you don’t mind you can upload your vault with that one single note in it, and perhaps we can figure out what is actually happening with your vault…

how can I upload the vault?
is any one of these the vault, or is the vault the folder these are in?
doesn’t seem like I can compress it without warnings and a zip is not a file I can upload here it seems

If you’re comfortable with it, I think one of us can jump on Zoom/Google Meet, etc., and show you how it works. It will require sharing screen and we will tell you what to press.

  • Copy your current vault, by which i mean the one folder that has the .obsidian in it.
  • Remove all notes with personal information and those you don’t want to share.
  • Compress them into a .7z/.zip file and upload it here

getting errors as I try to upload

we transfer link