Bulk rename notes updating links

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to automate the process of renaming notes.

Proposed solution

The ability to apply a search and replace strictly to note names would allow for a lot of options. This would be akin to using PowerRename utility, but within Obsidian and with all links being updated.

A benefit would be that you could use certain sequences of letters or symbols as placeholders to be replaced with substituted descriptors fit correctly into a naming convention.



+1 on this one, and surprised that there isn’t already something available to do this.

My use case: I’m changing my “daily note” structure/naming scheme, but without mass renaming & relinking functionality, this takes a LOT of manual work.


Same here. Did you find any workaround for renaming your daily notes?


When renaming large numbers of files, it is simpler to use Finder to do so in bulk than it is to do directly in Obsidian one by one. However, when using Finder, links to these files are not updated as they are when changing filenames in Obsidian.

How do I bulk rename files, ensuring links to these files are updated?

For example, if I have topical notes such as Art, Religion, Philosophy, etc., how do I add MOC to these while maintaining relationships with other notes?


Update: Bulk Rename plugin works perfectly


I still don’t get the case of bulk renaming files.

I can understand bulk move and rename a directory. When would you need to bulk rename files?

I am experimenting with stricter file naming conventions to save all files to root instead of using folders. Having, for example, all notes based on academic articles prefixed with ac would sort them to be next to one another, likewise for all journal entries prefixed with log

Just experimenting :slight_smile:


To fix naming conventions—of course we have to constantly refactor for uniformity and consistency. We have naming conventions not only in tags and in folder names but in filename prefixes.

Here’s an example of my liberal use of prefixes:
2022-11-21 MyCompany_ Bob meet_ Kick-off

I might decide to rename MyCompany or fully qualify Bob with a last name. Maybe I don’t like the abbreviation meet and want to go back to using meeting everywhere. Etc.

Uniformity is an investment for easy searching and linking later.


same here, wanted to rename them from YYYY-MM-DD to YY-MM-DD but when i do that wont show up in my calender plugin (even after renaming them) -.-

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Another use case would be if you want to adapt your daily notes so that Noteplan recognizes them (it only accepts them in the format YYYYMMDD).

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