Built-in Latex packages?

What are the built-in latex packages, if any?

In my line of work, I’m so used to amsmath, amssymb, among others. These are not imported by Obsidian (nor is there a way to). So, trying to work around that, are any packages imported by Obsidian for latex?

Obsidian uses Mathjax which is an emulator of some of latex math and its main packages. (amsmath is included).
Mathjax is not however a latex system and does not support importing latex sty packages.


IMHO I believe MathJax is doing great within Obsidian.
I tried some very complicated things (seen on Wikipedia) with formulas and other stuff:
Worked great.
Only thing you have to remember is changing the first and last { by a $and than everything works fine!