[Bug] The mobile toolbar does not hide when the keyboard is closed?


[ ] iOS
[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: 1.4.1

Steps to reproduce

  • Have buttons in your mobile toolbar
  • Open edit mode
  • Tap in the text area to open keyboard
  • Close the keyboard (swipe down using the command palette and toggle keyboard or press the back buttom)
  • Observe the toolbar remaining instead of the page controls

This occurs after disabling theme, plugins, and snippets




Could you post a screen recording of it happening when you get a chance?

It would be helpful to include a summary of the discussion about this that you had in Discord.

Sorry for the delay, I haven’t been active in the forums recently

Here’s the video link

Here’s some additional information as was discussed in the Discord server

Once again sorry for the late response

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I’ve also had this since the new bottom bar was introduced. And another person on the Discord mobile channel said “I’ve had it since day 1 before I started trying plugins”

I’m on Android.

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Pressing the back button while still in the editor is not supposed to change the toolbar.

Toggle keyboard works for me, both via the command palette and the button.

If it doesn’t, post a screen recording of it not working in a new vault.

how do you get the double row of mobile toolbar icons/options anyway?
Is this a community plugin? Commander perhaps?

I also have 1.4.1 version.
From start (last year november) using the Android app, I also found it kinda strange that after editing and pressing the back button (general Android nav button) you do NOT instantly go back to “navigation mode”, instead it keeps you in “edit mode”.
Now with a small swiping gesture to left or right, without going to the actual panes, you will be in navigation mode.
This is not documented well in the help. It is all about the application on a non mobile OS.
See editing and preview markdown .
Or tabs if you will.

Yeah, Commander has an option for the double row.

The documentation of the mobile app is unfortunately weak, but the docs in general are being worked on so the mobile ones should improve eventually. You can post issues about it on the docs GitHub: Issues · obsidianmd/obsidian-help · GitHub


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