[Bug] [iOS] long hold on screen doesn’t bring up contextual menu


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.19

It used to be working if I recalled correctly, but since upgraded to v0.0.19, long press the screen doesn’t bring up the contextual menu containing copy/paste, resulting no way to paste text from other apps…

iOS: 14.5 on iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPad Mini


Same here.

Sometimes a doubletap on a word works to get the context menu - then you have to replace that word

So I end up typing blindtext and replacing it as a work around

That’s the same work around I’m using on the iPhone right now as well :smiley:

However, it’s not a very consistent behaviour for me. Sometimes selecting text doesn’t bring up the menu neither.

Hopefully this is an easy fix, right now have to use the iPad for text editing. But still the convenience of having Obsidian on mobile is outweighed these minor beta bugs :+1:

Glad to see this report was already created. I was about to write something identical including version and device. It was definitely working yesterday, but I remember realizing the Paste contextual menu would show up a little slow and only have the Paste option, which I believe is normal since nothing would be selected.

Today, it doesn’t work unless I can get the workaround to work and in those cases the full contextual menu appears including copy, cut, paste, etc. but this would make sense since I am selecting characters, albeit empty, in order to trigger it.


It’s a bit inconvenient on the iPhone, on the iPad, however, it can be mitigated by using the paste button to the left of the text suggestion above the full size on-screen keyboard

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This should be fixed in the next release.

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