[Bug] [iOS] Click on Obsidian URL in another application does not open correct note


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.19

I have in Obsidian desktop used “Copy obsidian URL” on a note and pasted that URL into another application.

When I on my iPhone or iPad click on that Obsidian URL in the other application it does open Obsidan on the iPhone/iPad, but it does not open the correct note in Obsidian. It just opens Obsidian on the page I left Obsidian last time I used Obsidian on my iPhone/iPad. I would like it to open the correct note.

(When I on my desktop click that Obsidian URL in the other application it correctly opens the correct Obsidian note on my desktop, so it works fine in the desktop version).

what’s the url?

did you use the same vault name in desktop and mobile?

It is the same other application (my list manager), that I open in either web browser on desktop (where link opens the correct note), or open in the other applications app on my iPhone/iPad (where the link do not open the exact note). So it is the same link I click on in both desktop web browser and iPhone/iPad.

An example link: obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian&file=Test%20Copy%20Obsidian%20URL

The mobile app is connected to the desktop remote vault through Obsidian Sync.

What is the name of your vault on the mobile app?

Ah, now I understand :slight_smile: The vaults on my iPhone, iPad and desktop all three have different names. Maybe that is causing the problem? But I understood the mobile installation guide as each vault should have a different name, so it was possible to log which device had updated the files, but of course connect to the same remote vault? The files sync smoothly between the three devices.

Where did you read this?
You can and actually should use the same name for link consistency.
The name of the vault is not used to identify the device you are using.


@WhiteNoise Okay, thank you so much for identifying that. I have now reinstalled the mobile apps and named the vault on my mobile devices the same as the vault is named on my desktop, and it solved the problem. Thank you for the support.


I remember looking at these two pieces of advice, when setting it up initially, so maybe it would help others to specify on those pages, that the mobile vaults should have the same vault names as on the desktop:

  1. Obsidian Mobile - it says “create a new empty local vault”, so I did not figure out it should have the same name as the desktop vault.

  2. The advice in this post Obsidian Mobile Sync instructions, which was very helpful for me to get started. In step 8 it says “create a name for your vault on your iOS device (e.g. My Obsidian iPad)”, which I interpreted as the vault on each of my mobile devices should have their own names.

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