Obsidian Mobile Sync instructions

For the less technically savvy, such as myself, I’ve created this step-by-step guide to installing Obsidian mobile app. There was a bit of back and forth between the Obsidian desktop app, website, and mobile app, so I thought that it might be useful for others. I haven’t put this in the Discord #mobile thread because part of the riddle is figuring out how to access that locked thread itself. Comments/corrections welcomed.

To achieve Obsidian Mobile with Sync

  1. At desktop app (or website), create an Obsidian account and pay for Catalyst tier (Insider, Supporter, VIP).
  2. At desktop app, go to Settings > Core plugins and turn on “Sync”. Follow instructions to pay for sync service via Obsidian Sync.
  3. Set up Obsidian Sync. Go to Settings > Sync > Pick remote vault and click “Choose” button and create a name for your remote vault (you will seek this vault from your mobile service later). “Sync status” should then display “Obsidian Sync is currently running.”
  4. At desktop app, go to Settings > About and turn on “Receive insider builds”.
  5. Join the Obsidian Discord server Obsidian Members Group (OMG) and create a new Discord account or select option “Already have an account?”. At the Obsidian Members Group (OMG) page, if you don’t see channel #mobile, then try to log out then log in; I found a short delay in my Obsidian Catalyst account status, which you should also double check.
  6. (Optional) Get and apply your Obsidian Discord badge. At website, go to your Obsidian Account page My account - Obsidian and under Your license > Obsidian Catalyst, select button “Get Discord badge”
  7. At OMG Discord #mobile channel, go to Pinned Messages (pin icon at top bar, near search box). APK (Android) and iOS Test Flight invite links are here; download/note the URL.
  8. For iOS, at your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) go to invite link URL, which will present Apple Test Flight webpage with further links to download Test Flight and add Obsidian app. Follow the instructions to install Test Flight app on your iOS device. After installation, navigate back to webpage with link to install Obsidian app. When prompted, create a name for your vault on your iOS device (e.g. My Obsidian iPad).
  9. At mobile app, ensure that you are logged into your account. Go to Settings > Account. Once logged in, you should see Settings > Sync.
  10. At mobile app, go to Settings > Sync > Pick remote vault and click “Choose” button and select remote vault name that you created in Step 3. “Sync status” should then display “Obsidian Sync is currently running”.
  11. Test by entering new text in one of your Obsidian notes, from both the desktop and mobile apps.

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