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Got the Obsidian mobile app on both iPadOS and Android, and noticed that neither had finished syncing everything after a day. I have about 3,000+ notes, but even then, I thought that was slow. Had a look at the logs and realised that Obsidian Sync was running across some files that had symbols (: ! ? for example) and would get stuck trying (and failing) to download those. I left it syncing overnight and came back to a lot of errors in the sync activities from retrying the same invalid files.

As soon as I had fixed the invalid filenames, Sync sped through the rest of the files. Would be good to have some logic in there to skip a file on failure due to invalid filenames.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a note (on desktop) with a filename like Here's a title: Here's a subtitle.
  2. Activate Obsidian Sync on desktop.
  3. Activate Obsidian Sync on mobile (whether iPadOS or Android).
  4. Start sync on mobile.

Expected result:
Invalid filenames are skipped, printed to the log as errors, and Sync continues to process remaining files.

Actual result:
Sync keeps retrying invalid filenames and does not proceed with the remaining files.

iPad Pro (11-inch) - 14.4.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Android v11
Obsidian: VIP, Sync, Publish, Commercial

I’ve made a patch for the upcoming release. Thank you for the detailed bug report!

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