[Bug?] Does not run on Onyx Boox


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.19


The Obsidian APK will not work on my Onyx Boox ereader. It is running Android 10 but perhaps needs to be set up more specifically to run on it? This would be profitable, as other programs like OneNote and Notion run just fine. Not sure what all is involved, but figured it worth mentioning.


FWIW, I have an Android 9.0 Onyx Boox device (a Nova 2) and am able to use Obsidian there. I did, though, have to flip the switch on the last page of the “App Optimization” menu for any text to be even slightly visible given the black app background.


Obsidian also works fine on my Boox. I did go through the whole ‘enable the play store’ thing, so I don’t know if that was a contributing factor :slight_smile:

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I messed around with the optimize settings and finally got it to where I could see it with the black background, changed the them to “Light” and got the font just right and it works perfectly! Thank you for the input!

I think there are enough settings between Boox and Obsidian to get it to look and function well.

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I have a NoteAir because it was what was available. Not sure I’ve come across Android more unpleasant to set up. And then Obsidian has been the most problematic app, so I’ve not really bothered apart from setting it to light. QuickEdit+ will do for the amount of use I’ll make of it. (I noticed with that one, that Light mode works, Black mode works, and Dark mode looks awful. A font issue I suspect.) Play store fine too.
Don’t really like any of the launchers I’ve tried.

My settings for Obsidian:

Optimize Menu -


  • DPI - 378
  • Bold Font - yes
  • Whiten apps - no


  • Mode - first speed
  • Frequency - 20
  • Animation - 200
  • Full Refresh - disabled


  • Font - 100
  • Color - 0
  • Bold - Enabled
  • Allow background use - (any preference)

Global Color Contrast - 80
Light Color Filter - 0

In Obsidian I use the Light Theme. It seems to work really well. I am using Onyx Note 3.


Thanks for this. Very useful.
I played with settings again. The key change seemed to be turning whiten apps off.
Still leaves me with the font issues. Some have everything in a horrific outline font and others don’t. That was the issue with dark mode in QuickEdit.

My overall impression of the Boox is that it is very good and useful for what it does well, but is a very high friction gadget otherwise. That’s not a problem for me - I already have an excellent conventional colour tablet; so I’m not giving it the attention a high friction device would usually receive.
I use the Boox for reading (Kindle, PDF mostly) and writing (the Notes app for writing/drawing and a few editors); for these it is more effective than alternative gadgets. I will use browsers but as little as I can manage.

Thank you! That helped me too and it works well on my Boox Nova 3. I’m trying to move away from iPad/OneNote to a more open format. The Boox has the huge advantage of letting me work outside! The main setting for me seemed to be Other/Color/0 instead of 255. Switching the theme to light mode completed the job.

I’m not a big fan of dark mode being the default in applications, particularly mobile, although many people love it so it needs to be an option.

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