App not visible on black-and-white Android e-reader

Steps to reproduce

Downloaded Obsidian from Google Play store on my black-and-white Onyx Boox e-reader.
After the logo and initial permission popups, the text is barely visible, as it is black on a dark gray background. Sometimes, the text appears to be the same color as the background and is not visible at all.

Expected result

Have an option to open with a light background

Actual result

Text was dark on a dark background.


  • Operating system: Android 10
  • Obsidian version: downloaded from Google Play 8/25/2021
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For others coming across this - the solution is to temporarily change the “Webpage font color” in Onyx from 255 to 0 (this can be found in Obsidian’s App Optimization → Other tab).
This will allow you to see the text so that you can change the settings within Obsidian to the Light theme. Then, you can change the Webpage font color back to 255.

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