[Bug] Cannot add files to vault in iCloud Drive on macOS

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[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.1.4 (12)

I’m using 0.12.9 for Mac as well. Both builds are recent and everything seems up to date. I also did the sys prefs - iCloud Drive - options thing where I toggled Obsidian. I still can’t write to my Obsidian subfolders in Finder.

I expect I just need to wait longer, but I thought I’d check in just in case my feedback helps.


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This is still a bug that hasn’t been solved—this topic shouldn’t have been marked solved yet, but the devs are well-aware of the issue anyway.

Thank you, Ryan! I would have posted here if this thread hadn’t been closed.


Sorry, playing bug report musical chairs. The other thread was focused on an iOS issue that is fixed. This thread is for the macOS issue that persists.

This is still happening to me today, August 9, 2021. Is there any date when this will be fixed or should we wait an hour or so after creating the Vault in the Mobile application to start the copying process?

Try reinstalling Obsidian on macOS via the website?

Now, I am supposed to re-install and re-configure my entire new vault to have it as my “old” one was???

All my settings are gone … gone … gone …

Another good example of an application made by developers for developers and not with regular users in mind…

no, just reinstall obsidian not reconfigure.

Well, I open the new vault on my desktop and it looks like a new one without all my settings … any idea as to why it did happen?

I re installed obsidian and opened my new vault (the one under iCloud → Obsidian → Vault name

The is the same as the “old” one per the mobile (iOS) instructions

You don’t have to open a new vault, just point obsidian to your iclould vault.

That is exactly what I did and all my plugins, themes, etc are gone!

I encourage you to double check exactly which directory you picked. Perhaps you picked a subdirectory.

The settings are saved alongside your files in the .obsidian directory. We have never had a loss of settings in this scenario. But if it happened, I am sorry. If you have a backup you can copy the .obsidian directory back.

Aside from you settings, are you files still there?

Files are here thanks to iCloud

I think you should be more specific and detailed in the instructions. Perhaps have them in a web page that one can follow on a desktop and not only in the narrow iPhone small screen … maybe thinking more in the end user will make the transition less prone to error and easy

the instructions are part of the obsidian help which is distributed alongside obsidian, the ? icon in the ribbon. They are also available at https://help.obsidian.md/Index

can you add files to icloud now?

Yes I can but I would like to get ride of the “obsidian” part in the path: iCloud/Obsidian/Vault_name is there a way to do it?

Since all my settings are gone, I don’t care if I have to re do all this stuff again

My goal is to have them with the same name and structure in Desktop and Mobile

No. Sorry. The path structure is already the same.

It is really cumbersome to force users to adapt to the path naming that’s easier for you rather than work the other way around and make end users life easy. Moving files around and re creating vaults just because you hard coded a path …