Booksidian Style extension for IMDB

I am slowly getting to grips with Markdown but I am no coder. It would be great to have something very similar to Booksidian chrome extension to record movies. I have created a template for myself but at the moment I have to manually fill in all the sections.

I tied Kepano’s Obsidian Web Clipper but it brought in lots of things I didn’t need and missed some of those I did. If someone is able to create a Chrome plugin to do something like this that would be amazing. As an example here is my template:

{{Title}} ({{published year}})

Director: {{Director 1}} {{Director 2}} etc
Writer: {{Writer 1}} {{Writer 2}} etc
Stars: {{Lead 1}} {{Lead 2}} {{Lead 3}} etc
Source: [Film Title(Year) - IMDb](url link)
Watched: {{YYYY-MM-DD}} today’s date
My Rating: (manual add)


{{IMDb plot summary}}

Cover Image

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My Thoughts


Check out the Quick add plugin by @Christian
The repo for the plugin has some great tutorials on how to set up all kinds of scripts - among them, instructions on building a custom script to grab info from IMDB.

It’s not a browser extension, but does grab what you want from the site. It could be a good way to get what you need.

I won’t sugar coat it, this isn’t as simple as turning on a plugin - there’s some light coding necessary. But the instructions are fairly clear once you read through the important stuff. I recommend looking at the initial how-to instructions first to familiarize yourself with the plugin before diving into this specific script. Once you set it up, you shouldn’t need to tweak much unless you want to change things up.


Thanks, I have followed your advice, unfortunately, I ran into a glitch reproducing the exact steps he did in his video but I have raised the bug on his GitHub and hopefully will get it resolved.

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Have you tried the Media DB Plugin? It’s not infinitely customizable, but I have gotten it to work for me for IMDB pulls.