Bookmarks have vanished from bookmark list

Hi any updated on this ? Still affecting me and incredibly annoying, especially as I am paying for this service.

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There are no updates and we do not believe it is tied to obsidian Sync.

So you’re not able to fix the issue?

since I was able to see all my bookmarked notes listed when I viewed the bookmark json file in a text editor, I manually created a new file and then opened up each of my bookmarked notes (about 50) and bookmarked them. Now I have my bookmarks back, but it would seem to be a corruption in the original file?

we did not notice any corruption when we looked. However, if you want, create a zip with both the bookmark.json that works and the one that doesn’t, upload it somewhere and dm it to me. We’ll check again.

I asked a friend to look at the back-end code - he said you have a UI bug - margin is being set to a ridiculous number - setting it to 0 fixes the issue temporarily until I move away from bookmarks - it then resets. Please see images below.

We are aware that this is a UI problem. We have not determined yet what causes that large value.

Hello! I have the same problem : I have a really big list of booksmark, because of the plugin “custom sort”, as I recreate my entire vault in bookmark to allow me to sort it.
Anyone have an idea of a custom fix ?

The bookmark disappear when I expand the big folder.

Hi, I’m a little bit shocked at the moment.
All my bookmarks and bookmark-folders have disappeared except 2 of them.

AND I cannot create new ones.

Obsidian Version: v1.5.2
Windows 10

@Superfeuchter This seems like a different problem. Please, Open a new bug report and follow the bug report template and the troubleshooting instructions.

Is anybody having this problem on 1.5.x?

hi. so, have now encountered two of the issues described above.

for the one showing partial results (sab100 - nov 14), it only happens when i have multiple menus toggled open in the expanded state (that caret toggle thingy).

closing down to a single menus always ‘resets’ the view and resolves the issue. this problem appears intermittently.

as for the issue originally reported (sab100 - oct 24), this just happened to me now for the first time.

i checked the bookmarks.json file and everything is there.

checked code inspector tool and am also finding this entry

margin-bottom: -805px;

i am running 1.4.16 and have never used sync, so this definitely is not related to sync.

it has also worth mentioning that this issue has existed across at least a couple of version updates (sorry, i haven’t kept track of which).

active community plugins - dataview, tag navigator, tag wrangler - that is all

theme - obsidian gruvbox

custom css added to gruvbox theme.css - definitely not well written, mostly works

    --cursor-line-background:        rgba(var(--dark1_x), 0.2);
    --h1-color:                      rgba(214,93,14,0.8);
    --text-highlight-bg:             rgba(100,100,100, 0.1);
    --text-highlight-fg:             rgba(255,255,255, 0.6);
    --tag-color:                     rgba(255,255,255, 0.6);
    --tag-background:               rgba(100,100,100, 0.1);

.HyperMD-header-1, .HyperMD-header-2, .HyperMD-header-3, .HyperMD-header-4, .HyperMD-header-5, .HyperMD-header-6 {
	padding: .5em 0 !important;
	border-top: 1px solid #303030;

hope that this helps to narrow down the cause. :slight_smile: cheers!

worth noting

last upgrade - a couple of months ago

last community plugin change - a couple of months ago

last edit to CSS - a couple of weeks ago

obsidian has been performing as expected, right up until yesterday, when the CSS margin issue suddenly showed up.

one thing i have been doing throughout is constant editing - writing new files, renaming existing, deleting some

i am pretty certain that this bug is related to the way that obsidian handles docking of other windows in the same (left) side panel.

normally, i have my left panel split with outline view above my bookmarks list.

if i close the outline view window, the bookmarks re-appear. add it back, and they disappear.

if i move modules (tags, folders, outline) around (up/down), bookmarks seems to consistently be having the issue.

if the developers could take a fresh peek at that area of the code, i’m fairly certain that they’ll find the root cause.


let me know if you still have this problem when you get 1.5.3.

I’m using 1.5.3 on Mac OS 14.1.2 - I’ve never had problems with bookmarks before.
Today - bookmarks pane was open, I clicked on a bookmark (can’t recall if it was a folder or a file that I clicked on) - the bookmark list suddenly collapsed and disappeared altogether.

Tried all the following - but they didn’t bring back bookmarks - clicking on the collapse all toggle icon; changing the width of the left sidebar; restarting Obsidian; restarting Mac.
The individual files still showed the bookmark icon. Also I was able save a new file to the bookmarks and was presented with the expected choice of bookmark folders. However, the left sidebar still showed no bookmarks.

Then, suddenly the bookmarks reappeared - I am not sure what I was doing at the time - but I may have tried clicking on the collapse all toggle, a few times.

Ps - just wanted to say - Obsidian is a fantastic app! Thanks!

I can confirm that I continue to have the problem with bookmarks and the margin set to 1px.
I always need to click on expand / collapse to get the list, and all bookmarks disappear when I open a specific folder that have a lot of file.

Hi, copied the bookmark-folder from a backup-folder into my vault. Now, it works like it should.

The bug also appear on obsidian mobile


let me know if this still happens in 1.5.4. We made another change.